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Soner Keleş, the Co-founder of Beytev Real Estate which provides services in real estate projects marketing and sales management and which is also involved in achieving the sales of Turkey’s branded residential projects, assess “Despite the high deposit interest why it is more attractive today to get a real estate”

Which is better? Deposits or Real estate?

The answer to this question is of course what your expectations are. Your goal is to invest in your savings or to have a home where you can sit in dreaming for many years? In both of them, it may be more profitable to have real estate in the period we are in.

Nowadays, there are different investment options in which you can evaluate your savings. These may include real estate investments such as housing, shops, offices, land, as well as securities such as foreign currency, futures and gold. After the second half of this year, when the term deposit rates reached 20-25% annually, the return on housing was below the interest rate for the first time after a long period of time.

It seems to be more advantageous to keep your savings in term deposit accounts instead of buying real estate. An investor is someone who takes into account factors such as the economic situation, expenses, life style and make an appropriate investment based on them. Is housing rent or interest more advantageous? The investor who falls into uncertainty must take into account the risks as well as the advantages of both investment preferences. However, it should not be ignored that in recent years, attractive opportunities have emerged in the housing prices due to the excess supply in the real estate markets.

For example, with your 500 thousand TL savings, you can earn an average of TL 90 thousand in annual revenue, and you can get 30 thousand TL rental income annually. From this point of view, it can be thought that there is an abyss but if you can buy a house worth 400 thousand TL from your 500 thousand TL savings with the price advantages offered by real estate companies, then the situation will be different. If you can get a discount on the price you will buy from the deposit, it may be more logical to make a real estate investment.

How about renting a property and paying the rent from interest savings rather than buying a property?

For those who are in search of houses, it may be considered that deposit interest rates are high and that they can easily rent with their monthly deposit income. In the short term it may seem reasonable, but it may be more desirable to have a home with the appropriate price and payment conditions available today and be able to sit in your own home.

While your savings and deposits lose value in the face of both the rent and the inflationary environment, the reduction of housing stocks and the construction of new projects will increase with the ongoing increase in the cost of real estate prices in the future and may make it difficult to acquire real estate. For this reason, in order to buy a house you can sit in within the scope of your possibilities before the prices increases, you can have a house with the advantageous offers by the secondary markets or branded housing projects.

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